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Public Relations Defined, After an Energetic Public Discussion

By Stuart Elliott, The New York Times

An effort to update the definition of public relations for an age of social media and spin doctors suggests why many people think the public relations industry could use some help with its public relations.

The initiative, known as Public Relations Defined, began in November and drew widespread interest, along with not a small amount of sniping, snide commentary and second-guessing. more »

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Secret to Argyle Communications’ ACE Success

This article was originally published by Kelly Baita on the CPRS Toronto New Prespectives Blog

What is it that sets any PR firm apart from the pack? Is it size? Client base? Years in the business? According to Daniel Tisch, president of Argyle Communications, it’s about setting high standards and treating people well.

This philosophy has contributed to Argyle’s success and multiple CPRS ACE Awards, including an impressive six ACE trophies in 2011 alone. more »

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Redefining Public Relations in the Age of Social Media

Stuart Elliott, The New York Times

The public relations industry has decided that it may be a good time for, well, a public relations initiative.

The industry’s largest organization, the Public Relations Society of America, is embarking on an effort to develop a better definition of “public relations,” one more appropriate for the 21st century. The effort, to begin on Monday, will solicit suggestions from the public along with public relations professionals, academics and students.

The effort, of course, has a catchy name, Public Relations Defined, and a logo, too, that proclaims its goal: “A modern definition for the new era of public relations.” The effort is being spurred by the profound changes in public relations since the last time the organization updated its definition, in 1982. more »

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