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Argyle’s promise to its employees is to offer a superior experience in a supportive environment where talented public relations professionals can build great careers.

  • A superior experience means working for marquee clients, and getting opportunities to lead and shine
  • A supportive environment means a mid-sized firm with smart, kind, decent, hard-working, fun people
  • Developing talented PR professionals means customized mentoring and learning for each employee – to help each of us grow as a professional and a person
  • A great career is one that features ongoing learning, growth in responsibility and opportunity, and both financial and non-financial rewards

While we love to have fun, we take all of the above very seriously. That’s why we measure employee satisfaction every year. We also do some creative things to honour our people – and to ensure life at work is both rewarding and fun.

We’re proud of having one of the most longstanding and successful internship programs in the Canadian public relations industry. In fact, our interns are our #1 source of new employees.

To find out more about careers at Argyle, drop us a line here.

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